The cold front season officially begins today in Yucatan

Starting today, October 1, the 2023-2024 cold front season officially begins in Yucatan, which will extend until May 15 and will generate some low temperatures, as well as moderate to strong rains during the following months, according to the Institutional Committee for the Attention of Extreme Meteorological Phenomena (Ciafeme) of the Autonomous University of Yucatán (Uady).

The Ciafeme-Uady meteorologist, Juan Vázquez Montalvo, urged Yucatecans to take precautions since October is expected to behave irregularly in terms of rain.

“Yesterday several rainfalls generated flooding in different areas of the city and outside Mérida, which will last until Monday or Tuesday,” he explained.

He stated that the intense phase of tropical cyclones will end on October 10, while the rainy season ends on the 15th of that same month.

For the following days, he explained that it will depend on whether or not a frontal system approaches for precipitation to occur; and recalled that the tropical cyclone season in the Atlantic Ocean will end until November 30.

He indicated that the rainfall may be locally very strong, accompanied by wind gusts of up to 31 miles per hour on the weekend. Minimum temperatures of between 73 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit at dawn and maximum temperatures of between 87 and 91 degrees are also expected.

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