National Guard arrests man at the Mérida airport for carrying 500,000 pesos in cash

He had the bundles of money stuck to his ankles, as well as several cartridges. Photo: (Sipse)

With a luxury watch and almost half a million pesos (25,000 USD) in cash, National Guard arrest a subject at Mérida airport.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (August 20, 2021).- The National Guard located and arrested a subject at the Mérida airport, who had several bundles of bills attached to his ankles and in his backpack for around 500 thousand Mexican pesos.

But that was not all, inside his luggage he was mysteriously carrying a luxury watch and a box with various useful cartridges.

According to what the GN reported, at the Passenger Inspection Point of the airport premises, agents of the corporation located a man who intended to board a commercial flight bound for Mexico City, but when passing by the machine X-rays detected irregular shapes around his ankles and in his carry-on luggage.

Backpack full of money

He was searched and it was found that in his backpack he had three bundles of 500 Mexican peso bills, a case with a luxury watch, and a box with various useful cartridges.

The confiscated. Photo: (Sipse)

As they continued with the inspection, the guards noticed that three bundles of banknotes with the same characteristics were attached to each ankle.

The total of the nine bundles of bills yielded approximately 500 thousand pesos, which were not declared before customs.

To define responsibilities, this subject was read his rights, the National Registry of Detentions was filled out with his data, and he was made available to the Attorney General of the Republic in the state of Yucatan, along with the money and the watch, which were insured aswell.

Source: Sipse