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Gran Parque La Plancha in Mérida: How to get there from Plaza Grande?

by Sofia Navarro
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On Sunday, November 19, the Gran Parque La Plancha, Mérida’s new tourist attraction, will be inaugurated by Governor Mauricio Vila alongside President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

After several years of disuse and in response to a heartfelt demand from the Yucatecan society, this space has transformed from a public dump and abandoned land prone to fires into a large green lung that offers recreational space for families. It will also help revitalize the local economy.

Construction began in September 2022, and it will become a new place for various family activities.

Beautiful Sunset at “La Plancha” (Photo: facebook.com/granparquelaplancha)

How to Get There from Plaza Grande in Mérida?

To reach Gran Parque La Plancha from Plaza Grande in Mérida, there is a walking route of approximately 20 minutes, depending on the walking pace.

You can take Calle 61 and walk five blocks until you reach Calle 50. Then, turn left and pass by La Mejorada Park.

Upon reaching Calle 57, turn right until you reach Calle 48, then turn left, walking until you reach Calle 55, where Gran Parque La Plancha is located.

What Will Its Attractions Be?

The entire area is divided into four sections, featuring green areas, covered walkways, bike paths, an amphitheater for 10,000 people, a boardwalk, a pet park, an outdoor gym, sports areas, a bike lane, relocated housing areas, a Museum of Light, a Railroad Museum, 8 children’s play areas, and a skating rink.

The first section will house the outdoor gym, concessions for train carriages, and the machine house. In the second section, you’ll find the children’s playgrounds, an interactive fountain, and dining areas. The third section will include the entrance, a water mirror, a skate park, a pet park, and a gastronomic market. The fourth section will feature the amphitheater, children’s play areas, and a large lake.

It will have a linear walkway of 712 meters and a circular one, a viewpoint, 8 carriage concessions, an interactive fountain, an amphitheater with a capacity for 10,000 people, an artificial lake, a water mirror, 4 bathroom modules, a 2-kilometer recreational trail.

A skating rink and a boardwalk; Gastronomic Market with an island, administrative office, 5 restaurants, and 41 stalls, as well as the Railroad and Light Museums, with areas of 1,249 and 5,094 square meters, respectively.

Additionally, there will be a parking lot with 301 spaces, a sports garden with a multi-purpose field for fast soccer, touch football, volleyball, etc.; an outdoor gym; a pet park with an area of 1,562 square meters; and 4 children’s play zones.

Connected to the Tren Maya

Furthermore, Gran Parque La Plancha will have the IE-TRAM station, Mérida’s new transportation system, which will also start operating in December.

It will also connect with the Tren Maya, as the IE-TRAM will reach the Teya Station in Kanasín to this destination, connecting both attractions.

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