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From discrimination to inspiration

by Yucatan Times
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Mexico has stood out as a country rich in cultural diversity, capturing the attention of thousands of international designers who have embraced our nation as a wellspring of inspiration.

Fashion runways have been flooded with our embroideries, colors, and silhouettes, igniting enthusiasm among those of us who cherish and respect our culture, as well as those who have chosen to integrate our roots into their designs. Could the lack of popularity and understanding of our culture be the catalyst behind this sudden appropriation? Have the new generations, entrusted with preserving the profound cultural legacy of their families, forsaken their roots due to discrimination? In a country where cultural wealth is abundant and colors display their full spectrum, is it truly necessary for our identity to erode due to discrimination and cultural appropriation?

Fashion is defined as a frenzied pursuit of novelty and a means of celebrating the present (Lipovetsky, 1990). It represents a unique way to embellish and express the body, with a direct impact on both individual and collective identity. Fashion could be considered an expression of who we are, our identity, and our style, all of which are influenced by current market trends. These identity patterns are closely tied to the clothing we choose to wear, depending on the context, culture, and society to which we belong. As for culture, it encompasses components such as education, knowledge, traditions, and values passed down from generation to generation. Within it are groups composed of individuals who share a social and cultural context.

Mexican attire is the result of a remarkable fusion of colonial and indigenous traditions that have endured over the years. Our garments are renowned for their vibrant colors, intricate embroideries, and the use of natural textiles like silk, cotton, or wool. Moreover, they offer a wide array of designs and styles from various regions across the country. Sadly, we are gradually losing these vibrant creations to upscale clothing brands and fast fashion retailers, who swiftly replicate our stitches and sell imitations at exorbitant prices, even though they cannot compare in quality to indigenous fabrics, pushing the original craftsmanship out of the market.

“The ancient know-how is now in vogue. In its quest to restore true meaning to luxury, the exclusive fashion industry is more determined than ever to reclaim the tradition of handmade craftsmanship” (Rodríguez, 2021). According to research conducted by Francisco J. Sales Heredia, we have squandered the potential of artisans, who, despite their unparalleled talent, do not receive the recognition, fair treatment, or necessary support to continue their work and promote the symbol of Mexican culture. Unfortunately, Mexico finds itself in a situation where handcrafted clothing is discriminated against, and we are at a juncture where the generations inheriting these techniques and traditions show small interest in learning more about this craft, particularly in indigenous communities.

How can we rescue our country’s artisanal culture? It’s clear that Mexico has the potential to rise to the forefront among nations renowned for their fashion. Representing the vibrant life that our nation celebrates is crucial to avoid getting lost in a world where capitalism has buried the fashion trends of different countries. Let’s celebrate and restore Mexican fashion through our homegrown designers on the runways, giving it the respect, it deserves and fostering a deeper understanding of it. This will reestablish confidence to those who feel embarrassed to wear huipiles and tenango embroideries. Let’s celebrate our culture and ensure it never fades away.

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