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State government delivers Queen Bees to boost Yucatan’s beekeeping industry

by Yucatan Times
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The government of Mauricio Vila Dosal has successfully distributed over 42,000 queen bees of excellent genetic quality generated in production centers, a state strategy that is strengthening the production of increasingly more beekeepers in the Yucatan territory.

Through this program, the state government distributes these specimens to trigger honey production in the region, and on this occasion, the Secretariat of Rural Development (Seder) delivered these insects to 30 beekeepers in the municipality of Uayma.

This scheme is active year-round so that producers have the opportunity and ease of obtaining queen bees to strengthen their hives.

In addition to benefiting beekeepers, the state government supports beekeeping to increase honey production and enhance its competitiveness in national and international markets.

Since the beginning of his administration, Mauricio Vila Dosal has demonstrated an interest in environmental conservation; hence, he promoted the creation of Queen Bee Production Centers to safeguard these specimens which are the main pollinators.

With this significant support for Yucatan beekeepers, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal reaffirms his commitment to promoting activities that represent benefits for families, particularly in the interior of the state, to strengthen their production and the local economy.

Photo: Gob. del Estado de Yucatan

Beekeepers receive the state government’s support Men and women who have dedicated their lives to this activity from the municipalities of Izamal, Tixkokob, Muna, Teabo, and Yaxcabá have been granted Queen Bees by the State Government.

Epifanio Dzul Mazón thanked Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal for the support and stated that “these actions help us a lot because, with the implementation of Production Centers, there is a way to get very good, strong, and highly productive bees for our hives”.

José Alfredo Dzul Uicab, from Yokdzonot Kú in the same area, with over 30 years in the industry, indicated that this support allows them to secure work. “It’s the first time I’ve received this genetics species and I’m sure it will help me grow as a beekeeper, as I make the change of insects, as well as increase the new divisions that I already have prepared,” he said.

During the delivery, the representative of the Ministry of Rural Development (Seder), Subsecretary Luis Martín Oroza, recalled that each package consists of one queen bee and 9 nurse bees; he added that the Centers have been well received, as they directly support the sector and guarantee better income.

It is estimated that there are 11,000 beekeepers and around 250,000 beehives in the state of Yucatan, when a few years ago the number of beekeepers was 13,000 to 14,000 and there were around 350,000 beehives, and the annual honey production was only 10,000 tons.

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