Relatives of Norma Lizbeth demand justice and the arrest of her attacker

Although it was Norma Lizbeth’s relatives and acquaintances who led the march to demand justice after her death, are claiming for justice and punishment of those responsible for the detath of the young woman. Indignation, astonishment, sadness and discontent are some of the feelings that have invaded social networks and the local media after the tragic events.

The family demands that her aggressor, a student of the Official High School 0518 Annexed to the Normal School of Teotihuacán, who is presumed to have bullied the 14-year-old girl, who was buried on Wednesday after losing her life as a result of a cranioencephalic traumatism derived from the blows she received on her head with a stone, according to the videos broadcast on social networks, be arrested.

Norma’s sister, Alma Delia Ramos, explained that the fight between the two took place last February 21 before entering classes in the afternoon shift, outside the school. After 20 days Norma began to suffer constant fainting and other affectations, until she died.

TYT Newsroom