A woman jumps off an eighth floor in CDMX

On Thursday, June 8th, around 9 o’clock night, a 41-year-old woman identified as AER, who is originally from Veracruz, jumped from the eighth floor of a hotel located at Reforma 222 in the Juárez neighborhood in the Cuauhtémoc District of Mexico City.

According to witnesses, it took her about 30 minutes to break the armored glass in the room and she remained for about 15 minutes leaning out of the window, without local personnel or the Police not showing up.

A group of people who gathered on the sidewalk were yelling at her not to do it, but that didn’t stop her and she finally jumped.

Emergency services and authorities went to the scene and verified that he no longer had vital signs. So far the reason for her actions is unknown.

TYT Newsroom