closeup photography of adult short coated tan and white dog sleeping on gray textile at daytime
First hotel for abandoned dogs and cats opens in Mexico City

With the aim of raising awareness about abandoned animals on the streets of Mexico, the.

Yucatecan artisans take CDMX by storm

The Yucatan Entrepreneur Institute (IYEM) took close to 2 thousand pieces of handicrafts and only.

AICM and AIFA closed operations due to Popocatépetl’s volcanic ash

Mexico City. The Mexico City International Airport informed that due to the presence of volcanic.

‘Yucatán Expone’ in Mexico City showcases Guayabera Fashion Show

As part of ‘Yucatán Expone’ at the Zocalo in Mexico City, a “Guayabera Fashion Show”.

Chicken rescued from the tracks of the Mexico City Metro

A black chicken was rescued on the tracks at Centro Médico station on Line 9.

Line 12 collapse: CDMX District Attorney’s Office signs 117 reparation agreements with victims

Two years after the collapse of the elevated section of Line 12, the Mexico City.

The “Yucatruck” is in CDMX giving away free Cochinita tacos

The Tianguis Turístico 2023 has already begun in Mexico City and Yucatán is present with.

To promote recycling, Mexican Scouts use flower display in CDMX (Watch Video)

Scouts from all over the country gathered in the capital to commemorate 96 years of.

Mexico City Metro situation is ruining mayor’s presidential campaign

Smoke filled the subway station, the tunnel turning gray in the choking haze as hundreds.

Transgender Morena representative Clemente causes another incident (Watch Video)

A new controversy surrounds the representative of Morena, María Clemente García, who is now in.


18-year-old dies from electrocution in Yucatán while working

An 18-year-old young man was performing an installation for the company Onternet in Yucatán when he received a strong electric…

Decrease in animal abuse reports in Yucatan

According to Raúl Argáez, legal representative of Un Millón de Esperanzas A.C., cases of animal abuse in Yucatán have decreased,…

Traffic accident leads to police intervention in the Port of Progreso

Several vehicle accidents were registered at the beginning of June, where the arrival of dozens of out-of-town drivers who didn't…

Military recognized for their fight against drug trafficking in Merida

For their outstanding work in the fight against drug trafficking, five members of the X Military Region were recognized by…

How Do Mexico’s Gambling Laws Compare with the Rest of North America?

Gambling has been a longstanding practice across North America, but while many countries have relaxed regulations in recent years, Mexico’s…