Ignoring the coalition, Santiago Taboada starts a campaign of his own to run for Mexico City Mayor

Taboada’s sole candidacy with the PAN sparks controversy The National Action Party announced Santiago Taboada.

Xochitl Galvez cites late Mexican politician Luis Donaldo Colosio during speech in CDMX

During her Legislative Report at the Monument to the Revolution, the Frente Amplio Por México (Broad.

Clara Brugada is Morena’s candidate for Mexico City mayor

On Saturday, November 11, Mexico’s ruling party MORENA picked veteran politician Clara Brugada to be.

Two people die in a shooting near the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez

Two dead people and three injured, some of them agents of the Mexico City police,.

Festival de las Ofrendas takes on the Historic Center of Mexico City

Festival de Ofrendas, a one-of-a-kind event in CDMX OCTOBER 2023 With the purpose of preserving.

“Feria de las Calacas” at Cenart CDMX: dates and schedules

The Day of the Dead is just around the corner. From the spongy pan de.

Israeli Embassy in Mexico called for march in CDMX to condemn Hamas attacks

The Israeli Embassy in Mexico, the Organization of Israeli Businessmen in Mexico (MIBA) and Maguen.

Cinema legend Martin Scorsese promoted his latest production “The Moon Killers” in CDMX

Famous American director Martin Scorsese presented his new film, The Moon Killers, in Mexico City,.

Two fatal incidents registered on the same day at the Mexico City Subway

On Wednesday, October 11th, the Mexico City Metro announced the suspension of service on Line.

Are the best tacos al pastor in Mexico City served at a mechanic’s workshop?

In Mexico, taquerias abound, and while many serve good tacos, only a few have truly.


Activists invite to a gala for animals

“Pepito”, an elderly Labrador dog, was abandoned at the door of the Evolución Animal A.C. shelter. However, his story was…

Progreso beaches receive more visitors

The amount of visitors on the beaches of Progreso's boardwalk yesterday, for the third Sunday in a row, exceeded expectations,…

Gran Parque La Plancha’s last details will be ready in December

The Gran Parque La Plancha project is 90% ready and should be complete in about two weeks, according to governor…

woman wearing face mask

The first human case of influenza A(H1N2) was detected in the U.K.

Britain's government said on Monday, November 27th, it had detected a first human case of flu strain A(H1N2)v, which is…

Hunter shoots a deer but injures himself

A hunter in Mérida was injured when he shot a deer to kill it, the shotgun pellets ricocheted off the…