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Minors, easy prey for crime through video games

by Sofia Navarro

In Mexico, video games are one of the many forms of recreation and although they are played by people of all ages, when minors play them without supervision, especially in online modes, they are exposed to being victims of crimes, harassment or insults.

According to the National System for the Protection of Girls, Boys and Adolescents (Sippina), Mexico is a country with high consumption of video games and high preferences for playing online.

However, Sippina warns that in online modes, minors aged between 6 and 17 are exposed to risks such as the lack of regulation of gaming platforms, data collection by third parties, poorly designed and insecure platforms, exposure to inappropriate content, and cyberbullying.

Data from the National Survey of Audiovisual Content Consumption by the Federal Telecommunications Institute in 2022 indicate that of the girls, boys and adolescents who play video games, 84 percent interact with other people online. In addition, the most popular video games are fighting, racing, shooting, and battle games.

Meanwhile, through the OpiNNA Video Game survey – which involved 16,248 girls, boys and adolescents between 7 and 17 years old from across the country – Sippina revealed that eight out of ten use the multiplayer online mode; that is, about 12,835. Of them, around 1,280 children and adolescents revealed that they did not know who they were interacting with.

In addition, among those who play online, two out of ten confirmed having had bad experiences such as offensive comments in text or voice messages. In the same vein, three out of ten identified that those they were playing with were adults, and at least 1,300 of the respondents reported having received requests to send intimate photos.

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Donald Karl Pirs June 21, 2023 - 1:41 am

I completely agree. It’s high time to regulate cyberspace somehow, especially when it comes to children. They are now playing video games all day long. They are not interested in anything else. They don’t want to study or play outside with other kids, but what other kids, they’re all hanging out in some kind of Minecraft. Not like in our childhood. Yes, we played video games too, but we gathered in groups and played in arcades. There’s a boogie atmosphere, lightness, and a competitive spirit. Personally, I monitor the information hygiene of my children. I bought them a Pandora Box Arcade console with 3000 games. They are just delighted. And there are no problems.

Sam June 24, 2023 - 3:31 am

Games not only provide entertainment but also foster valuable learning experiences. When it comes to educational video games for kids, there are plenty of options available, and one standout choice is World of Warcraft . WoW not only provides entertainment but also offers valuable learning opportunities through its immersive gameplay. From critical thinking and problem-solving to teamwork and communication skills, wow raid carries encompass a range of educational benefits. Exploring the vast and enchanting world of Azeroth, kids can engage in exciting quests, develop strategic thinking, and collaborate with other players from around the globe.

Kylie Green October 6, 2023 - 1:01 pm

It’s alarming to see how technology and video games can sometimes be leveraged for illicit activities. While games like WoW Amirdrassil carry offer genuine entertainment and bring communities together, it’s vital to remain vigilant and informed about the potential misuse of such platforms. Developers, authorities, and the broader gaming community must collaborate to ensure the safety and integrity of the virtual environments we cherish. The onus is on all of us to promote a responsible gaming culture.


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