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Christmas decoration lead to higher energy consumption

by Yucatan Times
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For many people, December is the best time of the year due to the celebrations that take place during this season, such as Christmas and New Year’s, where thousands of homes usually put up lights and lights as decorations.

However, these decorations could bring an extra cost to the pockets of Mexicans, since they could increase 30 percent or more the consumption of electricity, according to statistics from the Trust for Electric Energy Saving (FIDE).

Therefore, the agency called on citizens to make a rational use of electricity during the holiday season.

“In order to celebrate and have a good time responsibly and safely during this season when there are significant increases in the consumption of electricity in our homes, it is important to take into account the appropriate measures to reduce billing costs for this input and avoid accidents,” remarked the FIDE.

What to do to reduce energy consumption during this season?

FIDE issued the following recommendations for citizens to reduce electric energy expenses and take care of their pockets:

Acquire space heaters with automatic control devices, or seal doors and windows to conserve heat inside homes and thus avoid overuse of heating.

Choose appropriate decorative lights and protect the connections against inclement weather.

In case of going on vacations, leave only the necessary switches on; disconnect all appliances that are not essential, to avoid the consumption of electrical “vampires”.

In case of the use of Christmas series, the agency recommends the following:

  • Use the minimum of series possible.
  • Use LED series whose consumption is 88.6 percent of electricity saving than incandescent series.
  • Use automatic switches.
  • Disconnect the strings when leaving home.
  • Switch on fewer than three strings at a time.
  • Turn on the Christmas series between 19:00 and 23:00 hours.

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1 comment

Olivia September 22, 2023 - 2:54 am

Not a single house can do without a Christmas tree in winter, not a single Christmas tree without magically winking lamps. In order to maintain the mood, it is customary to decorate the entire house with coniferous branches and Christmas tree decorations, as well as cheerful illumination, with which you can transform windows, doorways, furniture or create a themed wall image. In addition, you can use this kind of string light to decorate walls or doors, and even the backyard for cozy gatherings. In my time here I found the best Christmas decoration for myself


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