AMLO said that 200 archaeologists are working on defining the Maya Train route in Quintana Roo

López Obrador assured that 200 archaeologists are working and defining where the line of the Maya Train should go.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed that the Maya Train route will be adjusted or bridges and “overpasses” will be built if cenotes or underwater rivers are found in the originally planned route.

During the morning press conference on September 13, the Mexican president pointed out that geological studies are being carried out in some sections of the Maya Train to determine if the passage of the convoy is safe and to locate cenotes or underwater rivers and not affect them.

Lopez Obrador pointed out that he would like work to be carried out with greater speed, but that “the subsoil analysis is still ongoing.”

Finally, Obrador explained that for the construction of these bridges, embankments will be enabled, so that the train can “jump” the areas where cenotes and underwater rivers are located.

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