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FIFA gives ultimatum to Mexico during Qatar World Cup

by Yucatan Times
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FIFA executives do not understand the Mexican idiosyncrasy. We call our best friend a puto out of affection. We say “puto” out of anger to the one who tries to steal something from us. We yell “puto” to the one who makes us angry. We make fun of the puto who scares us. We laugh confessing that we were “Putitos” when we didn’t dare to do something. 

“Puto” is synonymous with whatever the Mexican wants. It is the equivalent of the expression güey but with more confidence or more anger. We use it every day, fucking phone, fucking car, fucking game, fucking ball. Also, with imponderables. Fucking sun, fucking traffic, fucking hail, fucking cold, fucking heat, fucking mess. It’s ingrained in our culture. We say it without thinking about one man penetrating another. What’s more, we don’t say it to them, at least not to their face. We have been brought up to be respectful when we detect a gay person among us. Unless he is our friend because then it fits. And it is possible that he may also call us a “Puto” without implying the possibility of ending up in bed. We live in a country where the word “Puto” has many different connotations.

Soccer should be free of the protocols that pretend to turn the stadium into a Davos Economic Forum. They are erronously judging the behavior of a society inside a stadium. If it is forbidden to say “puto”, it would have to be forbidden to call the referee means to be a “culero“. It should also be punished when fans yell at a coach demanding his resignation. Nicknames should be prohibited. No more negros, hobbits and lice. No more belligerent headlines. No more war on the pitch, no more cannon fire from the midfield, no more diagonal of death.

If we listen to FIFA, soccer should be banned. The World Cup segregates and encourages nationalism. Thousands of tourists travel hoping that their country will somehow “defeat” the other one. The cheers contain violence.

The Mexican fans in 2014, threatened to bleed Neymar’s ass. Brazilians presume superiority and laugh at other teams in the World Cup. So, if Brazil and other countries are so powerful, there is no need to compete, so why should we hold a World Tournament then?

The infamous “puto” cry, was so repetitive that it ended up looking like a worn-out joke to many.

The freedom of expression of the fans is not being respected by almighty FIFA. Mexican people have a way of expressing themselves, that people from othe countries do not understand. To greet, to mock, to laugh and to challenge.

If FIFA executives hear the word “Puto” and imagine with horror two men having sex, they don’t understand that in Mexico being a Puto is inevitable…

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