Yucatecans substitute meat with ‘Brazo de Reina’ during Holy Week

(Photo: Sipse)

Due to the traditions and customs involved in Holy Week in Yucatan, sales of corn-based dough or nixtamal have increased by up to 10 percent during Holy Week.

The foregoing, encouraged by the vigil or abstinence from eating meat on holy days, for which hundreds of people seek this input in the mills and tortilla shops, to prepare other foods that replace the usual ones based on meat.

The president of the National Chamber of the Dough and Tortilla Production Industry (Cnipmt), Yucatan delegation, Fernando Monsiváis Rodríguez, said that this trend in sales has been present for a month and a half, although it has been in this week in particular, when a greater demand for the input has been noted.

Religious traditions in Yucatan
He considered that given the religious traditions that are lived in Mérida and the interior of the State, many families are accustomed to acquiring dough to prepare dishes such as Brazo de Reina, and tamales, among others, which have resulted in good sales for many Nixtamal mills.

On the contrary, the tortilla shops that are dedicated to the commercialization of tortillas based on cornflour or Maseca, have had a slight decrease in their sales, between 5 and 7 percent since people choose to change this product to acquire the dough and prepare their own food.

Regarding prices, the dough can be obtained between 14 to 19 pesos per kilogram in the city of Mérida, which varies according to the areas in which they are located.

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