Pension for Mexican senior citizens will reach 6 thousand bimonthly pesos as of this date

(Photo: El Heraldo)

At the beginning of April, the Mexican government announced that the budget that the federal government has contemplated for senior citizens will have an increase for 2023, for a total of 303.7 billion pesos, According to figures from the SHCP.

SHCP noted that the budget has an increase of 22.8% per year in real terms regarding the approval, which converts this program into the largest budget. It is to mention that the support has increased, last year each registered adult received 2 thousand 700 bi-monthly pesos and in 2022, 3 thousand 850 bimonthly.

It is expected that the figure will continue to increase and in 2024, the last year of the administration of President López Obrador, beneficiaries will receive up to 6 thousand bimonthly pesos.

According to data from the Welfare Secretariat, the pension for welfare for older adults is the program that has increased the most with 232% compared to the beginning of the administration.

In March 2021, the President stressed that a budget of 370 billion pesos is contemplated for March 2024.

López Obrador stressed that resources will come out of the public budget without needing to borrow and based on the so-called republican austerity. He also stressed that this pension will not be able to diminish in the coming governments, since it is now a Constitutional right for senior citizens.

Requirements for registering in the pension for seniors
Be at least 65 years old.
Official identification (INE, Professional Card, Military Print, Passport, Inapam Credential, or Identity Charter).
Original birth certificate.
Proof of address not greater than 2 months (telephone, light, gas, water, property).
Telephone contact.

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