Yucatan man dies after being involved in two traffic accidents on the same day

First, he crashed in the morning, and later on that same day, he was again drunk and driving a motorcycle at night, he ended up in the hospital, where he finally died.

A man known as “Lan” met a sad end on Saturday, January 23rd, after suffering an accident in Tekal de Venegas. He had already had a mishap, crashed in the morning, and then at night, the subject died when he was transferred to a hospital.

Tekal de Venegas is 80 kilometers (48 miles) east of Mérida (INEGI)

According to locals, the fate of the now deceased, identified as Orlando, known as “Lan”, was already marked; because on the morning of Saturday the 23rd he collided with a car, and later on that night Orlando was seen riding a motorcycle and just a few meters away from his home, the man fell off his motorcycle.

According to the report, the man was riding at great speed and under the influence of alcohol.