Man accused of homicide extradited to Yucatan

The government of the United States temporarily extradited Francisco Martín to Mexico, to be tried in Yucatán, for the charge of a murder committed in that state back in November 2002.

The accused was arrested in the US and sentenced for aggravated homicide and kidnapping, crimes he committed in US territory. During the process, it was discovered that he had a pending charge in Mexico, for which his extradition was requested.

If found guilty by Mexican justice, the accused will return to the United States to serve the sentence handed down for the crimes he committed in that country, and then be sent back to Yucatan to pay the sentence imposed.

Francisco Martín was handed over to the Mexican authorities at the border crossing between San Ysidro, California, and Tijuana, Baja California, to be presented before the First Criminal Judge of the State of Yucatán, for his probable responsibility in the commission of the crimes of qualified homicide. and carrying prohibited weapons and instruments.

The Yucatan Times