AMLO says his adversaries, with the support of pseudo-environmentalists, are trying to oppose the Maya Train

During President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s work tour in the southeast of the country, he conducted the evaluation of section 5 of the Mayan Train, from Cancun to Tulum, the route has faced accusations that his administration is deforesting and devastating the area.

AMLO said: “This a false version spread by our adversaries, with the support of pseudo-environmentalists and their spokesmen”.

After leading the supervision he reaffirmed the commitment to protect the environment in the realization of each project dedicated to promoting development and the economy.

From the construction of the Mayan Train, he said, three natural parks with 18 thousand hectares of green areas will be created to preserve the endemic fauna. In addition, trees of the Guayacán, Maculí, and Flamboyán species will be planted along the train tracks.

The speleologist and director of the Sayab Planetarium, Roberto Rojo, said that with deforestation the world’s largest aquifer is in danger, and it will be irreversibly contaminated by the work of the Maya Train, as the type of subsoil in that part of the peninsula is extremely fragile.

Maya Train route under construction near Playa del Carmen

–AMLO declared: “Our adversaries, with the support of pseudo-environmentalists and their spokesmen, have mounted a campaign against the Maya Train, but this is our version:

In 1,500 km of the railway, only 100 hectares will be impacted, most of them Acahuales; however, at the same time 200 thousand hectares are being reforested. Three large natural parks (18,000 hectares) will be created and rows of flowering trees will be planted along the roadsides, such as Guayacán, Maculí, and Flamboyán.

“We are people that were born and grew up in the countryside and from childhood, we learned to take care of and live with nature,” AMLO concluded.

The Yucatan Times



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