Use of facemask and other safety measures remain in place in Yucatan

Mèrida City Council implement new measures in the markets of Mèrida. Photo: (SIPSE)

The use of face masks remains in effect in Yucatán

The national and state epidemiological traffic light remains yellow and the extension of activities that will take effect on November 1st in Yucatan remains unchanged.

The state Health Department announced on November 7th the lifting of restrictions on the capacity of social and tourist events with a higher percentage of the permitted capacity. Today the capacity for social events is 30% in closed venues and 50% in open venues, but as of November 1 it will be 40% and 60%, respectively.

Hotels will also increase from 50% to 100% of their capacity as of that date. For massive congresses and conventions, the capacity is 50% in closed venues and 75% in open venues.

The lifting of the prohibitive measures also favors social events because they will be able to have live music in open spaces, as long as the dance floor is 3×3 meters and does not exceed 62 decibels.

The use of masks and masks of the service personnel will be mandatory, as well as keeping a healthy distance and disinfecting the place and disinfecting hands. All premises must have an isolation area for any suspected case of Covid infection.