Canine named “Shakira” rescued from drowning in a Yucatán cenote

A cenote in the community of Tzabnah, a district of Tecoh in Yucatán, served as the backdrop for the rescue of a dog that had been trapped in darkness and surrounded by water for four days in a body of water more than 12 meters deep.

The dog, named “Shakira,” was found by chance, and immediate rescue efforts were launched with the assistance of experienced divers who worked for 3 hours to bring her to safety.

For the residents of Tzabnah, this dog is considered part of the community and serves as a kind of “tourist guide” as she is always near the cave and accompanies visitors, making it unusual for her not to know how to exit.

It remains unknown how she ended up in a space less than two meters in size, surrounded by water and bats. Some witnesses of the rescue speculate that she may have fallen accidentally.

The Yucatán Technical Sports Divers Association was responsible for entering the site after a group of tourists alerted them due to the dog’s barking, trembling, and hunger.

TYT Newsroom