Yucatán adheres to AMLO’s “Agreement for Democracy”

Photo: heraldodemexico.com.mx

Mérida, Yucatán (March 3, 2021).-The government of Yucatán reported its adherence to the National Agreement in Favor of Democracy, which is convened by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to ensure that the upcoming June elections are held in a peaceful environment and within the law.

Through a letter sent this Monday to the federal executive, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal explained that in that state they are fully convinced of acting with democratic values ​​and in what the legal norms mark, starting with the Constitution.

“It is not only a better way to honor our historical heroes but also to give Mexicans and our country the future of greatness and justice that we deserve,” he explained in the text.

Likewise, he agreed that antidemocratic practices in the country should remain in the past, as he pointed out that a free Mexico can only be assured with the conviction of values ​​with absolute respect for effective suffrage.

“In that sense, we adhere to your proposal for a national agreement in favor of democracy in our country. I am convinced that it is not only the best way to honor our historical heroes, but also to give Mexicans and our country the future of greatness that we deserve.

“I reiterate my appreciation and commitment to continue working together for the good of Mexico and Yucatán,” he added.