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Depression figures drastically decrease in the state

by Yucatan Times
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Pandemic may “mask” figures in the state, say experts

MÉRIDA, Yucatán (Times Media Mexico).- Yucatán ended the year 2020 with 970 registered cases of depression (230 men and 740 women), a reduction of 45.5 percent with respect to 2019, which ended with 1,779.

However, specialists warn that due to the Covid-19 pandemic there could be many more unrecorded cases of the mental illness, which could result in severe cases that lead to an increase in suicides.

They also point out that nine out of 10 cases are detected late and it can years for a person to be diagnosed.

Depressive patients are among the populations most affected by the quarantine and social isolation due to the pandemic, since less physical activity increases circadian rhythms and decreases adherence to treatment.

Although the winter season is associated with vacations, parties and family gatherings for Christmas and the end of the year, for many people it also represents a difficult period to face, which manifests itself through behaviors that can be encompassed under the concept of “seasonal depression”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines depression as a mental condition characterized by the presence of sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or lack of self-esteem, sleep or appetite disorders, tiredness and lack of concentration.

Seasonal depression

According to psychiatrist Adrián Novelo de Valle, seasonal depression is thought to be related to the closing of life cycles and the end of a year, as people reflect and take stock of their achievements and limitations, such as changes in work or loss of family members.

As a result, false expectations or situations of nostalgia lead to emotional conflicts that can result in a state of depression.

Depression is the result of complex interactions and variations in mood and brief emotional responses to the problems of everyday life. It can become a serious health problem when it is of long duration and can cause great suffering and disrupt work, school and family activities.

There are several types of depression, and in its most severe form, it can lead to suicide, which is the second leading cause of death in the 15-29 age group.

During the winter season, feelings of sadness, apathy, lack of appetite and crying are more frequent. This is related to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), triggered by the brain’s response to the decrease in exposure to natural light.

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