COVID-19 the most lethal assassin in Mexico.

Covid killed 10,000 Mexicans in 10 days; the cases do not go below 20,000 per day. In two days, 41,889 people were infected.

MEXICO (Times Media Mexico/Excelsior) – The deaths by covid-19 in the last 10 days, reported by the Ministry of Health in Mexico, added up to 10 thousand 254, that is, the same amount of people that fit in the National Auditorium.

This report of 10 thousand deaths per covid-19 began one day after the end of the so-called “Guadalupe-Reyes marathon” (from December 12, day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, to January 6, day of the Three Kings): Thursday, January 7, 1,044 deaths were counted; Friday, January 8, 1,38; Saturday, January 9, 1,135; Sunday, January 10, 502; Monday, January 11, 662; Tuesday, January 12, 1,314; Wednesday, January 13, 1,235; Thursday, January 14, 999; Friday, January 15, 1,106; and Saturday, January 16, 1,219.

According to @A_Tapia, who keeps a daily count of deaths and infections by covid on his Twitter account, it took Mexico 74 days to reach the first 10 thousand reported deaths.

For the second day in a row, there are 41,889 confirmed cases: 20,523 yesterday, while on Friday, there were 21,366.

The SSA registered 140 thousand 241 deaths in total and 1 million 630 thousand 258 confirmed cases of the Sars-CoV-2 virus.

The six entities with the highest hospital occupation with available beds above 70% are CDMX (88%), State of Mexico (84%), Guanajuato (83%), Hidalgo (83%), Nuevo Leon with (78%), and Puebla (77%).

Up to yesterday, 463,246 doses of vaccine have been applied, and for the Event, Supposedly Attributable to Vaccination (Esavis), 753 cases were reported, of which 729 were non-serious and 24 severe.