Chichen Itza joined the ritual to Mother Earth to build the Mayan Train project

On Sunday Dec. 16, at the Chichen Itza archeological zone, representatives of the Federal Government, headed by the coordinator of Development Programs, Joaquín Díaz Mena, participated in a Maya ceremony to ask Mother Earth’s permission for the construction of the TREN MAYA railway project.

In an interview, the Yucatan state official in charge of being the liaison for the Maya Train Project, Aarón Rosado Castillo, revealed that the works will involve the installation of a new road that will be parallel to the one remodeled by the previous administration featuring 93 kilometers of railroad tracks.

“The first stage for the state of Yucatan goes from Calkiní, on the boerderline with Campeche, crossing through Maxcanú and all the way to Mérida. In this case, the rehabilitation of the railroad is necessary, since the track was made is for a train that runs at a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour, and therefore, a parallel road will be built, with a new railroad “, he explained.

Aarón Rosado added that at this time the surveys and studies are being carried out on the section on which the road will be built, in a coordinated work carried out by the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), the State Government and the municipalities.

The Yucatan state government is already preparing to address the environmental and social issue with a public consultation with the indigenous peoples of the region, who, as the law indicates, must endorse the project.

Source: Notimex