5 years in prison for those who assault health workers in Yucatan

The LXII Legislature unanimously approved applying sanctions to anyone who assaults public or private health personnel in the state of Yucatan.

The promoter of the initiative, representative Luis Borjas Romero (PRI), indicated that there are people who attack medical personnel, just for wearing the clothes that identify them and the attacks have been perpetrated at this time of health contingency.

This is happening to those who are risking their health and their lives on the battlefront against the Coronavirus.

This measure is necessary to deter these bad practices and criminally punish those who commit them.

“The objective of the reform is to get higher penalties for this type of criminal offense, especially at this time. The idea is to create a mechanism that facilitates the administration of justice and punishes grievances against health personnel,” he reiterated.

The proposal aims to protect the health professionals that sacrifice themselves for the good of society and, inexplicably, are being attacked, discriminated against and violated in their human rights.