New program is launched to prevent vandalism in Mérida parks

In order to avoid vandalism in parks and public areas of the city of Mérida, the city council would initiate the program “guardaparques” (Park Guardians).

Julio Sauma, director of citizen participation of the city of Mérida, said that they will seek to start up soon the park ranger program, which features agents of the Municipal Police constantly monitoring the most important parks of the city, in order to avoid vandalism and guarantee security for citizens and tourists.

“It is about training agents of the municipal police whose main function will be to take care of the order mainly of some very crowded and large public places,” he said.

He added that the program would start in the largest and busiest parks such as the ecological park of Poniente or the ecological park of Xoclan among others.

Sauma stressed that it remains to define how many officers of the Municipal Police would participate in this program, for which they are hoping for the necessary budget to be allocated by the corresponding authorites.

“The idea is that now that the budgets have been defined, we can determine the staff and training necessary”

Although he did not give an exact date, he said that the police are already organizing the team that could belong to this type of security so the program can be properly implemented.

“We want to start with the most important parks in the city, we are defining the responsibilities, and the police are assembling the team”

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