Valladolid’s federal highway under repair


Staff of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation of Valladolid, are repairing the federal highway in the section Valladolid-Chichimilá, because for several years there have been bumps and potholes that are a risk for motorists. 

A big number of people in the municipality of Valladolid use motorcycles as means of transportation, and they have to dodge potholes, which can cause a collision with those vehicles traveling in the opposite direction.

On the other hand, municipal personnel also cleaned off weed that grew in the central lanes of this road, and on the bike path that connects Valladolid with the town of Chichimilá.

For this reason, citizens started to make comments on social networks, in order to encourage local authorities to start the same works in the lots at the other side of the road. However, municipal authorities stated that those are private property, and the land owners have the responsibility to clean them.