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National Guard officers attack a truck driver in Quintana Roo (Watch Video)

by Yucatan Times
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The driver of a cargo trailer who was reportedly transporting material for the Tren Maya construction works was detained and attacked by agents of the National Guard on the Felipe Carrillo Puerto-X-Hazil federal highway in Quintana Roo.

The driver documented his arrest from the first moment. A video that circulates on social media, shows how the agents of the National Guard stopped him on the federal highway after moments before he had helped a colleague who had run out of fuel and, according to the elements, they thought he was extracting fuel illegally from another unit in addition to the fact that they suspected that the driver was intoxicated with any illegal substance.

Without further resistance, the driver opts to collaborate, however, he tells the officers that he cannot leave his loaded vehicle on the federal highway, so they tell him to take it to a gas station. The driver agrees to make the transfer and tells them that he will follow them.

Despite the above, the agents of the National Guard ask him again to get out of his vehicle to perform the drug test, however, the driver once again argues that he could not leave his vehicle with the load. Although one of the elements of the National Guard tells him that a patrol will remain to flag the vehicle, the driver does not accept this and tells them that either they wait for another driver to arrive or they let him take his vehicle to the gas station.

At the insistence of the police element, the driver tells him that after they do the test and nothing comes out, they would have to pay him for the delay and lost time of the freight that, as can be heard in the video, was expected by the Mexican Army.

The National Guard elements became impatient and ended up throwing a cross key into the cabin of the trailer to get the driver out. Due to the force and the thrown object, the cabin glass broke and injured the driver who ended up with a bleeding injury in the face.

After the facts became known, the National Guard issued a statement condemning the actions of its agents, who, according to the statement, would be investigated and receive disciplinary measures.

The investigations, according to the National Guard information card, will be carried out by the corporation’s internal affairs unit.

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