Dzilam Bravo to build retaining wall to combat coast erosion

Dzilam Bravo’s port authorities announced the construction of a retaining wall to combat the problem of erosion in this area of the Yucatan coast on the Gulf of Mexico.

The work will have a length of 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles),  and will require an investment of 100 million pesos ($5.2 million USD), said the mayor Julio Abraham Villanueva Rivero.

The mayor also said that the work will be completed in stages, and the first is already ongoing, with 500 linear meters of wall construction and an initial investment of 22 million pesos ($1.3 million USD), with resources from municipal and state governments.

Plans call for a retaining wall to protect the Gulf of Mexico shoreline in Dzilam Bravo.

“Previous administrations requested the construction of this wall, but were not able to carry out the task, now with the thrust and collaboration of the State and the municipal governments, actions have been taken, and the construction of this project has already begun”.

Villanueva Rivero added that the first phase of the project covers an area considered a priority because when storms occur, the scourge of water is intense and the waves affect nearby homes.

However, the mayor said that in some areas it will be a reconstruction work, as the foundations are there, but have been deteriorating over time.

“The whole project covers an area of 2,500 linear meters, which is mostly the front part of the urban area of Dzilam Bravo, and the work is already under construction,” Villanueva Rivero concluded.