Dangerous parasites attack the beaches of Yucatan

Photo: hellomagazine.com

According to experts, millions of larvae, produced by the feces of domestic animals, are scattered on the beaches of the Yucatan coast, which endangers the health of barefoot walkers, passers-by and locals in the area.

Therefore, the director of the Dermatological Center of Yucatan, Dr. José Cerón Espinosa, mentioned that there have been quite a few cases of this type of parasite lately, because people tend to take their pets to the beach where they defecate in the sand.

He explained that when pets defecate, there are living organisms in their feces, and due to the humid and warm environment that the sand produces, these eggs hatch, which is where the microscopic larvae come from. This type of parasite gets underneath the human skin through microscopic cuts on the sole caused by the sand.

This type of larvae is called migratory (larva migrans), and the treatment to kill them is by means of a cream to deflate the skin, but Doctor Cerón ruled out the belief that this larvae reaches the brain and said that this parasite is only superficial.

Larva Migrans (Photo: MD Saude)

In Mexico, 696 tons of excrement are generated daily on public roads, and on the rooftops, which represents a serious national health problem, since respiratory and intestinal diseases are transmitted through the feces of pets and stray animals.

It takes a week for the components of this waste to become a source of infection for other animals and people. This scenario is attributed to an irresponsible holding of pets. Since according to statistics, 80% of pets are acquired on impulse.

TYT Newsroom with information from  laverdadnoticias.com