MEL seeks volunteers for children’s storytime

(PHOTO: Merida English Library)

Merida English Library is looking for volunteers for Saturday Storytime. Storytime is a free, year-round program for families and children. The majority of the children are between the ages of 2 and 12. The structure of Storytime varies from week to week, but the basic program is as follows:

  1. Opening song (optional)
  2. Reading a story
  3. Arts and crafts activity or game related to the story
  4. Closing song (optional)

Volunteers can sign up for as many sessions as they would like, and are responsible for choosing a story and planning the post-reading activity. The structure is very open-ended, and MEL is always open to new ideas. The volunteer is welcome to take storytime in any direction he or she would like. The library administrator is on hand to help with planning as much as is needed.


  1. Enjoys working with kids (prior experience is great, but not required)
  2. Speaks English at a conversationally fluent level
  3. Enthusiasm for books and reading

If interested, please contact Susanna McKibben, Library Administrator, at  or 999.924.8401.

(PHOTO: Merida English Library)
(PHOTO: Merida English Library)

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