Vandals wreck and loot a “Va y ven” vending machine

An automatic vending machine of the Metropolitan System “Va y Ven” under the Chenkú pedestrian.

Unconscious man on a “Va y Ven” bus causes police mobilization in Mérida

A man lost consciousness and then – allegedly – had a seizure inside a “Va.

New “Va y Ven” buses will arrive soon in the south of Mérida

With the operation of 30 new and modern units, the “Va y ven” Public Transportation.

Va y Ven Mérida: How many Cetram terminals will be built and where will they be located?

In December 2022, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal revealed that the Multimodal Transfer Centers (CETRAM) will.

Va y Ven selected as one of the top 3 transportation projects in the world

Governor Mauricio Vila shared on his Twitter account that the Va y Ven Transportation System.

The “Va y Ven” transportation system arrives to western Merida

With 35 modern units, the new routes Centro-Komchén, Centro-CRIT, Centro-Francisco de Montejo and Centro-Pensiones will.

How to report ”Va y Ven” by WhatsApp

MÉRIDA.- The Va y Ven system, with routes on Periférico, Circuito Metropolitano, and now Las.

Va y Ven users in Mérida complain about air conditioning being turned off

Just one day after a Va y Ven bus had an accident in the north.

IE-TRAM testing begins Friday, May 26th, with the first Demo Bus in Mérida

The first route of the IE-TRAM electric system will be ready in approximately a month.

Va y Ven Route’s new unit gets flooded due to heavy rains in Mérida

After the torrential downpour that occurred on Friday evening, users of the Va y Ven.


Mauricio Vila announces that “Gran Parque La Plancha” will be ready by November 19

26/09/2023 | Mérida, Yucatán.- The Gran Parque La Plancha will be ready on November 19, confirmed Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal,…

“Magic Towns Circuit” race to be held in Maní on October 1st

MÉRIDA, Yucatan - This Sunday, October 1, the Pueblos Mágicos Maní 9K Circuit Race will take place, and this Tuesday…

Lack of drainage has a growing negative environmental impact on Quintana Roo’s aquifers

Four out of 10 spas and homes near lagoons in the southern zone of Quintana Roo lack an efficient drainage…

A drunken elderly man was treated by paramedics after falling down the stairs in Kinchil, Yucatan

Kinchil, Yucatan, September 26th, 2023.- In less than 24 hours two falls of a man and a woman were reported.…

Rally for legal and safe abortion to be held at Plaza Grande in Merida

  26/09/2023 | Mérida, Yucatán-. In order to commemorate the Global Action for Legal, Safe and Accessible Abortion, on Thursday,…