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Mexico City’s Congress proposes creation of a short-stay housing scheme for tourists

by Yucatan Times
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The initiative also seeks to regulate housing rentals on platforms such as Airbnb or Booking.

Local representative Jesus Sesma, presented in the Congress of Mexico City, a package of reforms to several local laws to create the figure of short-stay housing model for tourists and regulate housing rentals for tourists on platforms such as Airbnb or Booking.

Part of the package is a reform to the Tourism Law, to register these dwellings on a platform and the registered dwellings, must pay annually the equivalent of one percent of the cadastral value of the property.

Sesma also presented a reform to the Real Estate Condominium Property Law, according to which the Condominium deed must mention the possibility or not, that up to 20 percent of the properties may be destined for these leases and the properties may not be rented if there are maintenance fee debts.

In addition, according to this initiative, the general assembly of condominium owners must authorize and may revoke authorizations for the leasing of short-stay housing for tourists.

Sesma, coordinator of the Parliamentary Association Alianza Verde Juntos por la Ciudad, also presented a reform to the tax code by which digital platforms will pay a 4% fee on the total commissions or fees charged for each rental. Sesma’s initiatives were sent to united commissions, where they must be analyzed, ruled on, and then submitted to a vote in the plenary of the local congress.

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