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Looting unstoppable in Acapulco

by Yucatan Times
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Acapulco, Gro. The collateral damage of Hurricane Otis in the Port of Acapulco and the municipality of Coyuca de Benítez, among others in Guerrero is reflected in the looting of convenience stores, shopping malls, and now those carrying humanitarian aid who are stopped by various groups of people who aggressively steal the support.

Grupo Imagen documented the actions of some groups who under the cover of impunity, break locks, open curtains and steal all kinds of perishables, household appliances, car parts, beer, bottled water and now the food supplies brought by some Mexicans in solidarity with those affected.

The modus operandi of these groups is to install their “hawks” at the La Venta toll booth, the gateway to the tourist destination of Acapulco, they observe the trucks or vehicles carrying food and with aggressive threats, they take away the cargo from motorists.

These groups are made up of women, children and some men of different ages, who with stones threaten to damage the cars and beat their crew members if they do not give them what they demand, arguing that they are hungry and the government does not support them.

This happened to Agustín Iturbide López who had to drive eight hours to carry food and sacks of potatoes that were gathered by neighbors from the municipalities of San Juan de Acozac and Huixcolotla, Puebla.

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