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Pregnant Woman Taken to Hospital Due to Fallen Tree incident in Yucatán

by Sofia Navarro
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Moments of emergency were experienced in a municipality in Yucatán, after an accident was reported where a pregnant woman was injured after colliding with a fallen tree.

According to the information obtained, a large soap tree fell in the middle of the Peto-Tzucacab road, and later a driver crashed into the monumental tree, ending up under its branches.

It was learned that around 1:00 PM, the 24-year-old young man, Alfredo V., allegedly did not notice the presence of the tree in the middle of the road due to the thickness of the rain, brutally crashing into the branches.

The driver was accompanied by a 23-year-old woman named Seydi P., who was five months pregnant, and there was also a 5-month-old baby in the car.

After the accident, witnesses called for emergency assistance, and the units 348 and 461 from the municipality of Peto, as well as the municipal security department of Tzucacab, arrived at the scene to assist the couple.

After the woman and the baby were freed, they were taken to the hospital to receive timely medical attention.

It is worth mentioning that the road had to be closed for the removal of the fallen tree.

The current health condition of the pregnant woman is unknown.

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