La Ermita de Santa Isabel will be honored as the first “Barrio Mágico” in Mexico

The traditional neighborhood of La Ermita de Santa Isabel (Hermitage of Santa Isabel) will receive the honor of Barrio Mágico (Magic Neighborhood) next week, during the visit that the federal Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués, will make to Mérida.

The recognition of that area of ​​the Yucatecan capital was announced by the state Secretary of Tourism, Michelle Friedman Hirsch in a press conference. The cities of Tekax, Motul, and Espita will be named Pueblos Mágicos (Magic Towns), a status that Valladolid, Izamal, Sisal, and Maní already have.

Between Wednesday and Thursday of next week, Secretary Torruco will visit Yucatan and grant the honor to these sites. Renán Barrera, mayor of Mérida, commented last May about the intention to name the Hermitage of Santa Isabel as a Magical District.

The Mexican government created the Barrios Mágicos program to give Pueblos Mágicos benefits to certain localities or spaces within cities.

La Ermita Santa Isabel will be the first place to have this recognition in Mexico.

Unlike the past, the honor of Pueblos Mágicos does not include economic resources for the designated places.

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