The Ministry of Tourism has declared 45 new Pueblos Mágicos in Mexico, and three of them are located in Yucatan, adding to the ones that already held this distinction, which are Maní, Izamal, Sisal, and Valladolid.

It has been 22 years since the first eleven Pueblos Mágicos were named, and more have been incorporated since 2010, gradually reaching a total of 132 towns with this designation.

With these new additions, Mexico now has 177 municipalities with the distinction open to national and international tourism, as it is a way to strengthen the economy of the communities that receive this recognition.

Three new Pueblos Mágicos in Yucatan

The governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila, shared on his Twitter account the municipalities recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, which will attract more tourism to strengthen the economy and create jobs for all Yucatecan families.

Among the proposed towns to be included on the list, Tekax, Espita, and Motul were chosen to join the other four towns in Yucatan that already hold this title.

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