Beach erosion hurts property values in Progreso area

Progreso malecon showed damage from tidal swells. (PHOTO:
PROGRESO — The proximity of the sea to the beach houses in Progreso and its surrounding communities has caused the shoreline to almost disappear and provoked water damages to the foundations of the constructions.

Due to this situation, these properties have suffered a collapse in their value of up to one million pesos ($50,000 USD).

In recent years, the beaches of Progreso and the entire coastal strip of its surrounding communities have been lost due to soil erosion. This has allowed the sea to gain ground inland, to the point that summer houses in the front row have been affected by the arrival of water to their foundations.
Faced with this situation, the foundations of many houses are already affected, primarily in areas where water constantly strikes. There are also considerable effects due to the effect of salinity and humidity on areas such as ceilings and walls. These damages oblige the owners of the houses to invest constantly in repairs, ranging from simple cleaning projects to more complex projects like the reconstruction of certain parts, generating with it considerable and frequent expenses.