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Do you have a water pump? JAPAY may apply fines

by Magali Alvarez
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The season in which the thermometers mark the highest records of the year in Yucatán is approaching and it also increases the demand for drinking water to fill water tanks, cisterns, and even swimming pools.

However, this increased interest in the resource also causes practices considered abusive, so the Junta de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado de Yucatán (JAPAY) is preparing fines for those who incur in the waste or hoarding the vital liquid.

The general director of this government agency, Carlos Castillo Sosa, pointed out that one of the most common acts is the installation of hydraulic pumps at the main drinking water intake, in order to fill their tanks more quickly.

The official mentioned that these households where pumps are installed directly to the supply line, cause an inequality in the distribution of water at the foot of the house since its suction decreases the pressure for the other houses.

“What we do when we detect them is to send an official notice to the user warning that this practice is subject to a fine,” he said.

He pointed out that JAPAY´S inspectors, in charge of delivering the bimonthly receipts of the potable water service, are the ones in charge of verifying that hydraulic pumps are not answered to the direct line. The same inspectors deliver the notification notices and follow up on the user’s response.

JAPAY will apply fines for water pumps
JAPAY grants a period of up to one week to remove the pump and in case of not correcting the fault, added Castillo Sosa, the service holder could be fined up to 2,750 pesos for the fault, which comes through the water bill.

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“If the first house in the supply network installs a pump, the next one will have less pressure and so on, generating a legitimate nuisance in some areas where this problem has been detected,” he stated.

The director recalled that Japay currently has more than 381 thousand users, of which a large percentage have hydraulic pumps, installed in irrigation systems.

In the latter case, he pointed out that there are no sanctions for those who make their wells and pump water for plants, gardens, or other activities.

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