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Mexican actress Salma Hayek cannot miss hot chili peppers one single day of her life

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If there is something that Salma Hayek never misses is her food, which is based on several secrets that are mixed with her traditions and cultures, and bring together the gastronomy of all the nations that have left an indelible mark on her life, including where she was born, and the cities where she has lived.

But, without a doubt, what prevails there is what Salma Hayek already has implanted in her genes, even before she was born in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, on September 2, 1966, and there are those who say that Mexicans even prepare their tea pot when they are babies with a traditional ingredient that they include in all their dishes: chili.

Not just any chili, but the hottest in the world, those are the ones that Mexicans usually consume in all or almost all their meals, and of course Salma Hayek could not be left behind despite having many years living outside her native country, and having had the joy of developing in other great nations of the world.

Therefore, Salma Hayek is extremely demanding with this, and adds in her diet, at least once a day, every day of the week, a strong spice to her food, both when these are prepared at home, as well as outside of it, since her addiction is such, that she carries a sample of this powder in her purse.

Salma Hayek bought this spice on one of her trips to Mexico, and was totally taken by the flavor it gave to her food in a restaurant she went to with her family, so she asked for a sample, and then ordered a whole shipment to take to her homes in the United States and Italy.

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