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These are the one and only ‘Michi Conchas’ Mexican sweetbread for cat lovers

by Yucatan Times
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If you are a lover of bread and cats, this fusion is ideal for you. Dare to try the Michi Conchas.

MÈXICO CITY, (May 14, 2021).- The Mexican gastronomic wealth is characterized by the diversity of dishes, drinks, smells, and flavors. That is why, without a doubt, it is one of the best and most popular in the world. However, it is also due to the ingenuity and creativity of the chefs, cooks, and bakers that constantly create innovative foods for the taste of each person. Such is the case of a new creation for lovers of bread and cats.

That’s right, today in The Yucatan Times we tell you all about one of the combinations that have attracted more attention lately, but above all that is delicious; we’re talking about the ‘Michi Conchas‘, a tender and tasty fusion between one of Mexico’s most iconic sweet bread: the “Concha” and one of the most beloved animals, the Cat. The famous creation arose in the bakery “Libres x Siempre”, which is characterized by making desserts and bread of vegan origin.

Photo: (Courtesy of the “Libre x Siempre” Bakery)

The bakery is a project that emerged in 2017 and the founders of “Libres x Siempre” are Ruth Alfaro and Jack Zamara, who started with the sale of bread in various parts of Mexico City. In an interview, Ruth Alfaro pointed out that her purpose is to offer food without ingredients of animal origin; And although they have faced various challenges, they hope that people will be encouraged to try vegan food as it is just as delicious. 

After some moves and due to pandemic issues, they managed to settle in the Buenavista neighborhood, where they offer a great variety of bread and their already known Michi Conchas. 

Although in recent weeks, their newest creation went viral, the Michi Conchas, created by Jack, this new creation has a purpose. The profits made with the sale of this particular bread will be used to collect donations for stray cats that live in a vulnerable situation. 

The Michi Conchas would be sold at the Gato Fest, an event that benefits and helps the cats that are in a shelter; However, due to the pandemic it will be virtual and the Michi Conchas will be available at the vegan bakery. 

chilango - ¡Hay MICHICONCHAS!: amantes de los gatitos, manifiéstense ?
Photo: (Courtesy of the “Libre x Siempre” Bakery)

Ruth Alfaro highlighted that the Michi Conchas have had a great acceptance, even for those who do not belong to the vegan community, who have decided to try them. The price of this delicious and creative fusion is 15 pesos each (.75 cents American), and they are available in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate. 

Ruth also commented that the demand for Michi Conchas is favorable, as they sell about 200 a day. Although “Libres x Siempre” is a business that is growing and, at the moment, they only have one oven to make these exquisite Conchas and they offer a wide variety of pastries and bakeries. 

Photo: (Courtesy of the “Libre x Siempre” Bakery)

Ruth also stressed that they will carry out more innovations and novelties, for which we will have to wait. However, in the “Libres x Siempre” bakery they offer various traditional bread such as the ox eye, wafers, polvorones, stones, goblets, garibaldis, cakes, sugarcakes, and chocolate donuts.  

So if you want to try the Michi Conchas or some other delicacy you can buy them at Guerrero 244B, Buenavista, Cuauhtémoc district 06350, Mexico City. Or place your order on their Facebook page “Libres x Siempre” and through their number 5548862707. 

Source: Libres x Siempre

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