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Two young men go on the trail of a Douglas DC-3 plane, lost in the Yucatecan Jungle

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Mèrida, Yucatàn, (May 14, 2021).- Two young Yucatecan adventurers have proposed a goal in which all those who have tried have failed, including authorities with all the resources at their disposal. With a mission that they have called “Against the impossible”, they plan to reach the famous Douglas DC-3 that has become an obsession for the explorers Urbike Yucatán and Atanque666, nicknames they have on their social networks.

We are talking about an airplane that fell down in the summer of 1973 in the Petenes area of the ​​Celestún Biosphere Reserve, presumably associated with drug trafficking activities.

The aircraft, with registration XB-PXO, was discovered in 1979 by agents of the then-Attorney General’s Office (PGJ) who were flying over the Celestún Biosphere Reserve.

Urbike Yucatán and Atanque666 recently carried out an incursion in the area trying to reach the aircraft but were defeated by the “green hell” of the Yucatán forest.

“Again we tried to reach the famous Douglas DC-3 lost in the jungle, however the climatic conditions of the place and the extreme heat of these days, together with the enormous demand for water that our body requires, caused us to have to return since we only had 3.5 liters of water left to return on a road of 21 kilometers ”, Atanque666 relates in a chronicle about his expedition carried out on May 9.

Headline: Strange plane falls in a swampy area near Celestun. Photo: (Yucatàn ahora)

“We managed to advance 500 meters more in the densest area of ​​the jungle, being the most dangerous part, however, the aforementioned factors do not allow us to move on … we calculated that at 4 in the afternoon we would arrive at the plane if we did not have setbacks,” he writes.

“After yesterday’s experiences, I now understand that it is impossible to carry out a round trip expedition in a single day, we would have to camp for the next day early in the morning to reach the point where the plane is located, to later return to the base camp and the next day walk back to Celestun, which would imply a three-day mission, ” he explains.

“Another option is to camp on the plane and return the next day, however, the area where the plane fell is very unstable due to the hydric changes in the terrain during the rainy season, the nearby area could be flooded, trapping the explorers and exposing them to more dangers,” he said. 

There were even moments that put them in danger, according to Atanque666. Photo: (Yucatàn ahora)

“On our return, a colleague could not continue and required to be rescued 2 kilometers from the departing point … I do not recommend trying this and even less doing a hiking route … It is dangerous, and even a soldier would be at the limit of his resistance in this site”.

“We also understood that not even bicycles can travel on this route since the terrain is extremely rugged, we thought that bycicles would be capable of getting us there, but we were wrong.”

Although this time they could not achieve their goal, they promise to return. Photo: (Yucatàn ahora)

“This time our friend Urbike Yucatán accompanied us and in the future, we plan to return to carry out the camp with trained and capable people who dedicate themselves to exploration… Away from the civilian public because a considerable amount of supplies of water and food are required to survive together with a good physical condition to prevent the jungle from turning into a ‘green hell’ as happened to us yesterday… In the future, we will return better prepared ”.

The most recent photos of the Douglas DC-3 are those published by the GL Drone company, which made a flyby with a drone in the area.

Urbike and Atanque666 are two young explorers of sites of interest in Yucatán. Through their social networks they share images and videos of places such as abandoned farms, cemeteries, cenotes and towns in Yucatán.

Do not lose sight of them, as they promise to do memorable things.

Photo: (Yucatàn ahora)
Photo: (Yucatàn ahora)

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