Mérida Centro gets an “extreme makeover”

Mérida, Yucatán (September 23, 2020).- The placement of more than 2,000 flowerpots in the semi-pedestrian areas of the Historic Center of Mérida continues so that people who frequent this area of ​​the city can travel with a healthy distance, thus reducing the possibility of Coronavirus infections, a measure contemplated within the Urban Mobility Improvement Plan.

Public transport users and people who frequent this area of ​​the Yucatecan capital on a daily basis, highlighted that with this measure they now have wider streets to walk, which allows them to maintain a healthy distance and thus take better care of their health, promoting a healthy coexistence in the “White City”.

Paulina González Tun, who walks through the streets of downtown Mérida every day to go to work and to take the bus, shared that she would not believe that one day the main streets of this area could look in order and with wide spaces to transit.

“For more than 5 years from Monday to Friday I walk through “Centro” to go to work and the truth is that I am surprised by how this part of the city looks now. People already know that the flowerpots delimit the space for pedestrians and also the healthy distance is respected, now I feel safe to walk through these streets, “she shared.

After more than a week of implementing the new measures contemplated within the plan to carry out an economic reactivation that takes care of the health and economy of the Yucatecans, the woman assured that it is important to follow the measures that the authorities issue to avoid an increase in the number of contagions.