Progreso fishermen say COVID -19 is hitting them hard

In Progreso, the fishermen point out that the contingency for the Covid-19 has put them and their fmilies in a difficult economic situation and they only hope that when things return to normal, the fish market picks up, so they can recover a little.

Despite the fact that there are small boats catching the grouper right now, fishermen from Progreso state that the situation is complicated for them and other fishermen, in other parts of the Yucatan coast.

As it will be remembered, this economic sector has been the hardest hit by Covid-19, since before the coronavirus contingency began in Yucatan, the fishing sector had already been fractured by the closure of the grouper season, and the bad weather that hit the Yucatan Peninsula.

Fisheramen say that for the last 10 weeks or so, their fishing activity has been interrumpted and fractured by the health crisis.

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