Huge blob on the Yucatán coast causes alarm among local fishermen

Just 15 days before the octopus fishing ban is lifted in Yucatán, fishermen from the.

Three fishermen rescued after boat sinking in Progreso

A new tragedy struck the fishing community just as they approached the final stretch before.

Fishermen claim the restoration of Progreso Pier affects their economy

The multimillion-dollar project, corresponding to the second phase of the construction of nearly 30 meters.

Illegal grouper fishing continues in Yucatan territorial waters

Fishermen denounce that the species is not being allowed to rest and there is a.

grayscale photo of man throwing a fishing net
Fishermen of the Yucatan Peninsula are trained on marine conservation

The fishing cooperatives of Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo received training from the organization Oceana,.

Two rescue operations carried out by the Mexican Navy in less than 24 hours in Progreso, Yucatan

On Tuesday night, January 24th, the Mexican Navy Secretariat carried out a rescue operation in.

grayscale photo of man throwing a fishing net
Ports are open in Yucatan, fishermen can go out to sea

On December 23rd, port authorities issued a communiqué announcing the closure of 14 ports in.

Stranded fishermen from Progreso found in Tamaulipas

After more than a month of shipwreck, a vessel from Progreso and its crew members.

Local fishermen back in business after red tide interrupts octopus season for weeks

Progreso fishermen returned to the sea to resume the 2022 octopus season, after the activity.

Five fishermen return to port after ten days adrift in the open sea

Family members of 5 fishermen who were adrift for about 10 days in their 32-foot-long.


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