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Renan Barrera delivers prizes for the 2023 Property Tax Raffle

by Sofia Navarro
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Mérida expresses gratitude to those who, by fulfilling their property tax payment, contribute to the construction of a better city for everyone, because you make it possible for us to grow together with better infrastructure and services throughout the municipality, which enhance the well-being and quality of life in Mérida,” stated Mayor Renán Barrera Concha during the award ceremony for the four latest model vehicles to the winners of the 2023 Property Tax Raffle “Pay and Win.”

“Through this raffle, we recognize the contribution, effort, and solidarity of the citizens who make their property tax payment during the first three months of the year because they understand the importance of contributing to live in a city where we have the services we deserve,” he said.

In his message during the prize-giving ceremony held at “El Papa” Park in the Juan Pablo II neighborhood, Barrera Concha informed that in the first quarter of this year, 284,095 taxpayers paid their property tax compared to 270,589 who did so in the same period last year, of which 130,000 paid online.

“This represented an income of 754,689,417 pesos, compared to 592,573,600 pesos from January to March 2022. In other words, we generated an increase of 162,115,817 pesos during the same period,” he explained.

In that regard, the Mayor pointed out that year after year, the public’s trust in making online payments is growing. Ten years ago, only 3 percent of taxpayers paid online, while currently, almost 50 percent do so through this method.

Barrera Concha indicated that property tax payment and transparency in the management of resources from Mérida’s residents make it possible for families to have access to quality public spaces, and for potable water, electricity, drainage, and paved streets to reach all neighborhoods, subdivisions, and districts of the Municipality.

He also highlighted that the task of maintaining Mérida as one of the best cities in the country is thanks to the increasing citizen participation in recent years.

“Mérida is what it is because of its people, not because of the Municipality. The Municipality is a reflection of the commitment of the citizens who are willing to participate in the work of their authorities, but above all, because of their love for Mérida,” he expressed.

With the presence of Kristal Perea Silva, representative from the General Directorate of Games and Raffles of the Ministry of the Interior, and Laura Muñoz Molina, Director of Finance and Municipal Treasury, ensuring the transparency of this raffle.

The winners of the four cars, María Ibella Llanes Rejón, Esteban Valdez Mena, Enrique Florentino Echazarreta Fernández, and Cesar Iván Cárdenas Encalada, were also in attendance.

In total, the Municipality awarded 90 prizes, including 4 cars, 6 motorcycles, 20 laptops, 20 iPad tablets, 20 screens, and 20 bicycles, with a total value of 1,886,014 pesos.

Finally, it should be noted that the discounts for 2023 were 30% in January, 15% in February, and 8% in March. Additionally, those who made their payment online received an additional 5% discount on the corresponding bonus.

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