Parents denounce UADY is placing medical students on the front line

A group of parents affirms that their children are threatened with being expelled if they do not carry out their social service regardless of the lack of protection.

A group of parents filed three appeals on April 27th, before the District Courts against the School of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY), for forcing students to carry out their social service in local hospitals in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, under the threat that in case of non-compliance they could be expelled from the institution.

The representative of the students’ parents, Jorge Luis Ramos Cetina, declared that the injunctions were promoted by: María Teresa Ortiz Arjona, Carlos Fabián Ortega, Ricardo Abraham Villanueva Paredes, Frida Lorena Muñoz Rodríguez, Joel Gabriel Chan May, and Jorge Waldemar Ramos Camelo.

He said that the legal procedure is due to the fact that on several occasions they have asked to dialogue with the director of the UADY School of Medicine, Carlos José Castro Sansores, who has refused to receive them.

He added that Castro Sansores forces students to go to the social service in various hospitals and clinics of the State in the face of the coronavirus pandemic without the necessary protection, which has already led to an infected student.

“The UADY student José” N “, is infected with coronavirus, he was in the Akil facilities, he is an intern of Medical Surgery at UADY. The director of the Faculty of Medicine, Carlos José Castro Sansores, does not answer the calls or give us any appointments, we call on the director of the Faculty to attend to parents, because our children are getting sick from coronavirus, We do not want to see a student dead or expelled, it is important that they be released from social service in the midst of the pandemic, they are putting the population at risk, as well as families and the students,” Ramos Cetina stated.

The Yucatan Times