Doctors protest over concealment of coronavirus patients.

SUSULÁ, Yucatán – Doctors at the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) in Susulá Yucatán have confirmed that there are people admitted to the clinic with coronavirus, a matter which the health center director Oliver García Trujillo intends to hide.

“There are two cases that we have of COVID-19 in the intensive care unit and several suspicious cases. Last night we attended two patients who arrived from Peru,” detailed nurses and doctors who are making a protest to demand adequate equipment so that they can work with health measures to avoid being infected.

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The nurses and staff are asking for surgical scrubs and appropriate masks since they have a risk of being infected by coronavirus due to the lack of supplies that they say the ISSSTE in Susulá is suffering from.

“In total there are five cases of covid-19 in this hospital, three cases are in the emergency room, and two are in intensive care”. Said the health workers.

The staff regrets that they haven’t been briefed or trained on the protocols for action in this contingency.

The Yucatan Times