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It is said that the story originated shortly before the conquest, in which a young woman fell in love. They are varied versions of the story, but if they have something in common, it is their appearance, It is said that she wears a long white dress and despite the passing of time her dress remains white and pure, She also has long hair and a veil that covers her face.

The version that most people are familiar with tells the story of a beautiful girl who lived in a humble village. One day she saw a handsome man and right then and there, they both looked into each other eyes and felt love.

After some time, they got married and had 2 children. Legend says that one day the women went to have a walk around the village with her children, when she suddenly saw her husband with another woman. That night, full of rage, she went to the river and drowned her children, killing herself after.

She was forced to be trapped between the living and spiritual worlds,damned for all eternity to look for her children, who are already in Heaven. Even now a days, late at night, people can hear the sorrows and screams of a woman calling her children: ” “Ay!…mis Hijos”…”¿Dónde están mis hijos?!” (my children! Where are my children?).

Those who have had the misfortune to have listened to her, have related the panic that they felt when hearing such heartbreaking crying, It is said that in Yucatan is where most has been heard is in the town of Chicxulub, where they are constantly listening to her screams.

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