Elderly man in a wheelchair abandoned in Mérida park

In the park of the Mercedes Barrera neighborhood, southern Mérida, an elderly man in a wheelchair was abandoned; the man indicates that his niece left him in that place.

Neighbors of the Mercedes Barrera neighborhood, south of Mérida, reported that a senior citizen was abandoned in the park, just like that.

The abandonment was denounced by Angel Mendicuti through social networks, stating that the man, who is in a wheelchair, was left there by a relative. According to the Facebook publication, which so far has more than a thousand shares, the senior citizen was abandoned on the afternoon of Wednesday July 10th by his niece.

“The gentleman says that his niece is called Margarita Puga. Witnesses actually saw Puga leaving the man at the Mercedes Barrera park sitting on his wheelchair, ” he said.

Residents called the State Police, however, Angel Mendicuti posted on Facebook that one of the local neighbors who live near the park, gave the old man asylum for the night, and then the corresponding authorities could transfer the victim to an institution where they can take care of him properly.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom