(Photo: SIPSE)

PUERTO AVENTURAS, Quintana Roo. – On Sunday May 6th, two subjects were executed by heavily armed men after a car chase in the area known as El Sause, two kilometers away from the town of Puerto Aventuras, in the municipality of Solidaridad, where Playa del Carmen is located.

According to information from witnesses and a police report, the two victims were fleeing aboard a red Volkswagen Jetta Classic, license plate number USK-047-E, as they were being pursued by several hit men who were traveling in another vehicle.

However, in their desperation to evade the persecutors, the victims took the wrong decision to get off the vehicle, and tried to escape by foot. The criminals got off their car too, ran after them and without hesitation shot them both point blank.

So far, absolutely no arrests have been made in relation with this crime.

Source: SIPSE